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Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University

Recruiting, Retaining and Developing Exceptionally Qualified Faculty and Staff Committed to the Values of the University


An important goal of this campaign is to ensure that Washington and Lee attracts, retains, and develops the very best faculty - scholars of exceptional attainment who make teaching their priority. The University also is committed to supporting its non-teaching staff-those dedicated individuals who strengthen our community by sharing the values that characterize Washington and Lee. Through support of faculty and staff you help ensure that these living links to the University's past, to the traditions and values that distinguish this place, can continue to convey these traditions and values to future generations of students.

Through this campaign Washington and Lee is committed to raising $122 million to recruit, retain, and develop its outstanding faculty and staff.

  • Provide compensation for undergraduate and law faculty consistent with peer institutions and meet the $33 million Lenfest Challenge that counts towards this goal
  • Create permanent funding for faculty leadership and initiatives in current and emerging areas of study identified through the strategic plan for special emphasis. These areas include Environment Studies, Entrepreneurship, Ethics, Law and Commerce, Asian Studies, the arts, Women's and Gender Studies, African-American Studies, Global Learning, Middle Eastern Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Studies
  • Provide opportunities for undergraduate faculty to enhance their teaching and research through support for sabbaticals, summer research and course enhancements, pedagogical development particularly incorporating new technology, and professional workshops
  • Support access to a wide range of resources in academic and library technology to enrich teaching and research
  • Endowments for short term visiting academics and executives-in-residence
  • Build an endowment to bring visiting artists or scholars to the University
TOTAL: $122,000,000