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Degrees Offered: Bachelor of Science

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  • Graduate Study
  • Medicine

Neuroscience is one of Washington and Lee's oldest interdisciplinary programs. Our first major graduated in 1990, and since that time many students have successfully completed the neuroscience curriculum.

The mission of the program is to foster an environment of collaborative research wherein students learn discipline-specific knowledge, analytic and scientific thinking and ethical principles of research through close interactions with faculty members actively engaged in basic neuroscience research. Coursework in this program serves to provide background and context for the research activities that are the core experience for our students.


Program Highlights

  • Our emphasis on hands-on research is a crucial aspect of our program. All science graduate programs seek to train competent researchers and those students who have already had this experience as undergraduates are in the best position to obtain good offers from graduate programs.
  • Our curriculum is an excellent preparation for a career in medicine. In fact, most of our majors seek advance study in medicine following graduation.
  • Our faculty are all active researchers in the diverse subfields of neuroscience. They all have busy laboratories on campus and many collaborate with faculty at other universities all over the world. Students who work with these faculty are true collaborators and contribute to the data collection, analysis and writing of the papers that are presented at meetings or are published in professional journals.
  • Many student stay on campus during the summer months to complete research with their faculty mentors. Funding for these research opportunities is provided by the R.E. Lee Undergraduate Research Program and the Levy Endowment for Neuroscience.
  • Our facilities include a Cognitive Neuroscience Lab, six rooms devoted to the recording and analysis of brain electrical activity during sensory stimulation.