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Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University

Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Program Offerings

Academic Division: College

Degrees Offered: Bachelor of Arts

Academic Programs: Course Offerings:

Example Career Outcomes

  • Business School
  • Graduate School
  • Jobs in Business or Government
  • Law School
  • Library or Museum Work
  • Medical School
  • Teaching

The Program in Medieval and Renaissance Studies offers an interdisciplinary major that allows students to approach the Middle Ages and Renaissance from a variety of different perspectives--Historical, Literary, Religious, Intellectual, Social and Artistic.

The MRST Program combines exposure to a variety of different academic disciplines with the development of individual research and writing skills.


Program Highlights

  • Students choose from 70 different courses taught by 20 faculty in 12 different departments.
  • Most students include study in Europe as part of their major
  • Many students combine the 11-course MRST major with one in a related humanistic discipline, or contrast it with a different major in science or commerce.
  • Students begin the major by taking an introductory course on an interdisciplinary topic such as chivalry, the crusades, pilgrimage or monasticism.
  • Students take nine courses distributed over four areas: History, Literature, Ideas, Fine Arts.
  • Students take an addition year of a European language.
  • Majors write a Senior Thesis on a topic of their choice and many choose to write a longer Senior Honors Thesis.
  • Many MRST majors are inducted into Phi Beta Kappa or win Fulbright, Watson, or other fellowships upon graduation.