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  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Science
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  • Energy
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Graduate School

Geology offers an integrative, scientific avenue of study for issues relating to managing our interactions with the environment, providing adequate resources, ensuring the safety of the built environment in the face of natural hazards, and solving the complex history of earth and its continuing evolution. The Geology Department makes extensive use of the extraordinary geology the Appalachians and other locales around the globe (American Southwest, New Zealand, Greece, & Hawaii most recently) and we offer many opportunities for research here and around the globe using scientific computing, field programs, laboratory analyses, and GIS mapping.

Program Highlights

  • W&L has offered courses in geology for more than two hundred years and was one of the first institutions in the United States to offer formal programs in the study of the Earth.
  • Lexington is surrounded by some of the most interesting and classical geology of the entire Appalachian Mountain system. During the fall and winter terms, many of our courses run field trips for "hands-on" study of this superb geology. In the spring term, we offer more intense field experiences, some of which emphasize the geology of the local area and provide familiarity with modern methods of field mapping.
  • Recent extended field trips have been run to such diverse areas as the Great Smoky Mountains, New England, the Colorado Plateau, Hawaii, New Zealand, the Pyrenees, the Pacific Northwest, and coastal Virginia.
  • Our faculty are active in a variety of research areas in which students play a central role.
  • The Geology Department is a member of the Keck Geology Consortium, which includes 18 of the best undergraduate geology departments in the country. This program allows our students to join undergraduates and faculty from other consortium institutions in summer research projects in such diverse locations as the Apennines of Italy, the Bahamas, the Cascades, Mongolia, Australia, Ireland, and Cyprus.