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Washington and Lee University

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African-American Studies

Program Offerings

Academic Division: College

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Academic Programs: Minor

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Example Career Outcomes

  • Graduate Study
  • Law

African-American Studies is an interdisciplinary program that enables students to examine the culture of African-America (understood broadly as the cultural experience of all black Americans, and including the diasporic experience of the African peoples) through a variety of disciplines including literature, history, sociology, politics, critical race theory, art and music.

Program Highlights

  • Each year, the Program brings major speakers in African-American Studies to our campus; sponsors multiple student and faculty events; and supports the university's efforts to offer a more diverse and rich curriculum that accurately reflects and represents America's cultural complexity.
  • Each year the students completing the minor in African-American Studies produce a senior capstone project. In this capstone, students pursue in depth and detail a subject that they have become fascinated by during their studies.
  • The Faculty in African-American Studies are constantly engaged in the scholarly and creative issues of this dynamic and ever-changing field.