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German and Russian

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Degrees Offered: Bachelor of Arts

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  • Academia
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  • Foreign Service
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • State Department

The mission of the German and Russian Department is to provide students a high level of all four language skills and an understanding of literature and culture through a broad-based humanistic education, in which students make comparisons to and connections with other cultures. In doing so they gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of their own society and values and expand their world view. In studying the language, literature and culture of German- and Russian-speaking countries, students are encouraged to use their skills in the community and beyond.

Program Highlights

  • The German and Russian Department offers a wide range of language and literature courses taught in the target language as well as literature courses in English for a broader audience. We offer small, interactive, learner-centered classes at all levels.
  • Students learn language, literature and culture using the most up-to-date technologies offered by the Tucker Multimedia Center.
  • The Department offers a major and a minor in German and provides the language and literature courses for the Russian Area Studies major and minor.
  • The Department strongly encourages every major and minor to study in a country where the target language is spoken. Partnerships with the Universities of Bonn and Bayreuth facilitate spring-term and full-semester foreign study for German students. Russian students regularly study in Moscow or St. Petersburg.
  • Our students are encouraged to apply for grants to continue their international experience after graduation. German majors have been awarded postgraduate Fulbright teaching assistantships and research grants at a rate much higher than the University average for the past decade.
  • Students have a wide range of summer internships at their disposal through our partner universities and international agencies. Majors and minors participate in faculty-directed full-length drama productions in German and Russian, performed annually in the University theater.
  • German majors may become certified for secondary school teaching in Virginia.
  • Native Teaching Assistants from Germany and Russia interact with undergraduates in and out of the classroom, lecturing on current topics and directing extracurricular cultural activities.
  • Outstanding students are encouraged to earn Honors in German or Russian Area Studies by writing an Honors Thesis in their senior year.