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Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University


Program Offerings

Academic Division: College

Degrees Offered: Bachelor of Arts

Academic Programs: Course Offerings:

Example Career Outcomes

  • Anthropology/ Archaeology
  • Business
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Graduate Study in History
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Museum Management
  • Public History

The Washington and Lee history department provides students with a better understanding of their world through a disciplined examination of people and events of the past. Members of the department teach factual information, but they primarily convey the significance of scholarly debates and different interpretations of history. They instill a rich appreciation of the past that makes possible an intelligent understanding of the present and the ability to make informed choices in the future.

Program Highlights

  • 12 dynamic professors who are totally committed to student growth and achievement

  • Offers a diverse selections of courses that focus on most major areas of the world

  • Gives students the ability focus their studies in specific parts of the world

  • Enables students to learn the history of diverse cultures and political systems

  • Encourages students to study abroad, thus providing opportunities for them to gain more practical knowledge of places they study on campus

  • Enables to students to improve rhetorical skills

  • Teaches research methodology

  • Provides internships and research opportunities

  • Prepares students for graduate study in history, museum management, law and other fields.

  • Prepares students, who do not seek graduate study, to offer excellent writing and speaking skills to a variety of prospective employers.

  • Prepares students to teach history at the secondary school level.

  • Recent graduates have attended the Harvard and Yale law schools; history graduate programs at Princeton, Indiana University, Duke, University of North Carolina, University of South Carolina, Vanderbilt, and others.