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Project Horizon


  • Project Horizon is a local agency dedicated to reducing domestic, dating and sexual violence in Rockbridge County.
  • Project Horizon's services are free and confidential to victims of sexual violence, as well as to their family and friends.
  • Services include:
    • 24-hour hotline: 540-463-2594
    •  If you feel uncomfortable speaking with a volunteer who might be a W&L student, please ask to speak with a staff member and they will honor your request.
    • Counseling Services
    • Legal Advocacy:
      • Assist Victims with Legal Procedures
      • Accompany victims to Commonwealth's Attorney's office
      • Answer questions and provide appropriate resources
    • Hospital Advocacy:
      • A Project Horizon staff member is available to offer support, answer questions, provide options, and accompany you at the hospital during a rape examination (PERK exam).