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Information Technology Services

Smart Board

Interactive whiteboard

Smart ZoneSmart Zone in Leyburn Library

SMART Board is an interactive whiteboard that allows the professor or students to write notes in digital ink on top of the computer display, and save the work. It is integrated with the computer and the computer displays to the board/screen, but it also allows interaction at the board. The Smart Board is equipped with "digital pens"-pens that write digitally on the screen.

Locations on Campus

Leyburn M47 (Sympodium) - Fill out the Library reservation form.

Leyburn Smart Zone - Contact the Information Desk at 4357 or Web Help Desk WHD equipment reservations to reserve.

du Pont 104 (Sympodium) - During class hours contact the Registrar's office.  After class hours call Rebekah Powers x8746.

Newcomb 116 (Wide-Screen Sympodium) - This room can be scheduled in Outlook as a room resource.

Newcomb 122 (Wide-Screen Sympodium) - this room can be scheduled in Outlook as a room resource.

Leyburn Smart Zone Schedule

Here is the link to the Leyburn Smart Zone Schedule

Ideas for Training

At the Leyburn Smart Zone we are scheduling training weekdays at 10, 2, and 4. The sessions are approximately 15 minutes. We send out campus notices to the target groups with the daily topic.  If you have topics you would like to see covered please contact us.