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Sexual Misconduct

Sexual Misconduct:

involves physical or verbal conduct of a sexual nature which occurs without consent. Behaviors can include sexual contact ranging from unwanted kissing/touching to unwanted or forced sexual intercourse (oral, anal or vaginal sex).

Common Characteristics of Sexual Assault Offenders:

Sexual assault offenders can not be recognized by their appearance; however, they do tend to share certain characteristics. People who harass or assault are often manipulative, coercive, and have a desire for power and control.
  • Not listening to what the person says; responding to limits set . by someone by saying, “You don’t mean that, you really love it.”
  • Not stopping sexual foreplay when told or asked to stop.
  • Talking about a date’s body or looking at their body in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable.
  • Seeming to enjoy the victim’s discomfort.
  • Acting as though the relationship is more intimate than it really is.
  • Calling the victim names which make them feel uncomfortable.
  • Blocking the victim’s path or following them as a means of intimidation.
  • Touching the victim in intimate places “by accident.”
  • Becoming hostile when the victim does not agree or give them their way.
  • Trying to get a the victim intoxicated or using drugs to create an “easier” target.