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Identifying Misconduct

Identify the behavior you've experienced so that you know how to get help.

  • Acquaintance Rape
    or Acquaintance Sexual Assault
    forced, manipulated, coerced, or unwanted sexual intercourse by someone known to the individual.
  • Discrimination
    to treat a person or particular group of people differently, unfairly, in a lesser way
  • Rape
    when a person compels an individual to have sexual intercourse against his/her will. Rape can occur male on male, female on male, male on female, or female on female.
  • Relationship and Dating Violence
    includes physical,verbal and/or psychological maltreatment which can include demeaning comments, controlling behavior (telling someone what to do, wear, whom to see, etc…), threats of/or actual physical harm. These abusive behaviors are used to assert power or control over another person. The effect is to make the person feel degraded, ashamed or scared.
  • Retaliation
    to do something harmful to someone who has reported a problem with you
  • Sexual Harassment
    any unwelcome sexual or gender-based behavior (verbal or physical), either involving use of a position of authority to obtain sexual favors or amounting to severe or pervasive conduct and creating a hostile work or academic environment.
  • Sexual Misconduct
    involves physical or verbal conduct of a sexual nature which occurs without consent. Behaviors can include sexual contact ranging from unwanted kissing/touching to unwanted or forced sexual intercourse (oral, anal or vaginal sex).
  • Stalking
    persistent behavior directed at a specific individual that is unwelcome, intrusive or induces fear. Behaviors include unwanted visits to a person’s home, class or work, unwanted letters, e-mails, instant messaging, telephone calls or gifts.