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Information Technology Services

Computer and Printer Equipment Policy


Replacement of computers will be made on a case-by-case basis as new hardware or specific software is needed. ITS personnel will consult with faculty and staff every four years to assess current equipment (although faculty and staff can initiate the conversation sooner if the situation merits), understand present needs and decide if hardware upgrade or replacement is warranted. ITS has a base allowance for each computer in the replacement cycle. Requests for equipment above and beyond the base amount may be referred to the individual's department, division or school.

In certain cases, a virtual desktop provided through The Stable will provide needed capabilities in desktop computing without a need for purchasing new hardware. The Stable will provide access to network storage and a wide array of Windows software from any networked location, using a variety of devices, including Macintoshes and PCs.

Replacement process

New full-time positions

New hardware will be provided, based on currently recommended specifications, for all new full-time positions created at the University unless the new position's technology needs can be met with a virtual desktop in The Stable.

New part-time positions

Part-time positions will share computers where appropriate. Otherwise, new part-time positions will be provided either a virtual desktop in The Stable or a used physical desktop.

Existing Full-Time and Part-Time Positions - Replacements

When desktop hardware fails to run software needed for job and/or security requirements, ITS Client Services staff will meet with appropriate faculty or staff and evaluate the suitability of providing upgraded equipment, new equipment or a virtual desktop through The Stable. If feasible, used hardware may be installed to provide access to the virtual desktop.

ITS will provide equipment for access to virtual desktops, using existing spare desktop computers or new thin client hardware.
New, non-virtual, hardware will be considered under these circumstances:
• the employee requires a change in primary computer from desktop to laptop or vice versa
• the unique functions of a Macintosh computer are deemed essential for the performance of job duties;
• a virtual desktop will not perform adequately to meet the employee's needs (for instance, specialized software will not run or cannot be licensed on a virtual desktop)

Employees are strongly encouraged contact the Information Desk if they feel their office computer is not meeting their needs.

Hardware Budget

ITS will spend up to the following amounts for new hardware, when a purchase is determined to be needed:

Windows O/S
Recommended Desktop $800 not including monitor
Recommended Laptop $900 13"-14" screen
Thin Client Desktop $400 not including monitor
Monitor $250
Recommended Desktop $1,150 all-in-one includes 21" monitor
Recommended Laptop $1,300 13" screen

Extra Cost Items (including, but not limited to):
Larger Monitors (difference)
Additional Monitors
Extra RAM (above 4GB)
Faster CPU
Special Graphics Interface
Higher Capacity Disk Drive (difference)
Additional Disk Drives
Extra cost items will typically be the responsibility of the individual, department, division or school. Be sure to talk with ITS if you have any concerns about funding. ITS will provide some funding for upgrades that are absolutely essential for a position's responsibilities.

Secondary computers
Secondary computers (anything in addition to the employee's primary office computer) are normally purchased for faculty or staff with departmental or grant funds, with ITS guidance.

ITS will provide a 23-inch standard monitor for new full-time faculty and staff and at least a used 19-inch monitor for part-time and work-study computers. A dual-monitor environment can often improve productivity significantly; please inquire with ITS to see if this is an available option.

Output Devices
ITS and Copy Services provide access to printing, copying and scanning through multi-purpose BizHub devices for all departments.

NOTE: ITS will support the network connection and configuration for these devices where a BizHub is not present within the department or a reasonable distance away. Departments are responsible for the maintenance and associated fees for non-BizHub printing devices.