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Regional Geology of the Argentine Andes

GEOL 373
4 Credits
2.5 Weeks in Argentina
Professor David Harbor

The Andes of northwest Argentina present incredible geologic conditions and features that demonstrate the processes of mountain building and landscape evolution. In this course, students will explore the temporal and spatial development of a major fold-and-thrust belt through the analysis of geologic structures and depositional environments. They will examine the glacial, hillslope, and river processes competing with active uplift to produce the 4 km of relief along an environmental gradient ranging from humid to arid. For geology majors only.

Program Fee:  (paid to W&L) $1000 includes airfare, all lodging and ground transportation, supplementary health insurance and some meals.

Other Estimated Expenses: $250 for other meals; $250 spending money.

Please email Prof. Harbor for more information.