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Power-saving Recommendations, Computers and Peripherals

Turn these off

The following, should be turned off at the end of the day and over weekends and during vacations:

  • Your computer and monitor
  • Personal printers attached to your computer
  • Personal scanners attached to your computer
  • Powered speakers

Please note that many modern devices continue to draw a small amount of power even when turned off. To eliminate all power consumption associated with your computer and attached devices, switch off the power strip those devices are plugged into.

Power-saving settings

In addition, we recommend the following power-saving settings for your computer. Computers and monitors that meet Energy Star standards set by the U.S. government support these settings, which cause the devices to consume less energy after a period of inactivity. All monitors and computers purchased by W&L comply with these standards. Laptop users may wish to choose shorter time periods, especially when running on battery, in order to extend the time between charges.

  • Turn off display after 20 minutes
  • Computer sleep after 1 hour
Instructions for applying these settings are shown here:


Select the Start Menu -> Control Panel -> Power Options. This should bring up a Power Options Properties dialog box that allows you to set the time to elapse until separate components power down.

Information from EnergyStar: Power Management in Windows 7


Select the Apple Menu -> System Preferences -> Energy Saver. This will bring up a dialog box for setting sleep times for the entire system, the monitor, and the hard disk.

Information from Apple: Energy Saver Options

Procedure to turn off BizHub copier/printers 

(Holidays and vacations only; BizHubs automatically go into power-saving mode after period of inactivity) 

  • Make sure no one is logged in to the BizHub ("Log in" should display on panel). If necessary, log off by pressing the Access button, then wait a minute before continuing to the next step
  • Open the front panel and turn off the power switch to the left
  • Close the front panel.

Common questions

Won't turning my computer on and off every day damage it or decrease its usable lifetime?

When my computer goes to sleep, will I lose my network connection?
Yes, but when you wake the computer, the connection will be re-established after a few seconds.

Does a screen saver have any energy-saving benefits?
No. Use the power-saving settings described above instead of a screen saver.My office uses a shared copier/printer.

My office uses a shared copier/printer. Should I turn that off at night, too?
Power-saving settings on Bizhub devices are managed centrally by Copy Services; do not turn off the devices manually.
Laser printers should be turned off at night.