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Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University
Information Technology Services



  • ITS contracts with vendors to safely recycle used equipment
  • ITS makes extensive use of server virtualization, a technology that saves energy by reducing hardware requirements. More than 60 percent of the servers managed by ITS are virtualized
  • ITS deploys low-power computers, called "thin clients,"  in labs and increasingly in offices throughout campus as a result of The Stable, the virtual desktop service provided by ITS. Most of the computing power to run Virtual desktops comes from highly efficient servers, resulting in overall power savings.
  • ITS purchases computers and monitors that are rated highly for their energy-conserving qualities. All desktop computers, notebooks and monitors purchased must meet, at a minimum, the "bronze" Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) environmental criteria. Nearly all of the hardware purchased by ITS meets the EPEAT "silver" criteria. The hardware vendors used by ITS, including Dell and Apple, have strong commitments to producing energy-saving products
  • During Fall 2009, ITS and Copy Services introduced Bizhub devices with advanced power-saving features on a campus-wide basis. The devices, which provide printing, copying and scanning capabilities, are set to duplex printing, resulting in reduced paper use.
    • ITS has implemented energy-saving settings on BizHubs in office settings. The BizHubs automatically shut down at night.
  • ITS works with Energy Education and other W&L leaders to identify classroom technology that can be shut down for the entire summer
  • ITS has implemented settings to automatically shut down computers in many public labs at night or after a period of inactivity.


  • ITS encourages W&L faculty, staff and students to use energy-saving settings on their computers, such as shutting down your monitor after a period of inactivity. See our recommendations for energy-saving settings.