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August 2009

  • Washington and Lee Partners with Carter Center to Expand Liberia Justice Project
    Lexington, Virginia • August 31, 2009 -- The Transnational Law Institute at Washington and Lee University School of Law has announced a new partnership with the Carter Center that places current or recently graduated U.S. law students with a variety of institutions in Liberia working pro-bono on access to justice issues.
  • Uncovering the Graffiti of Pompeii
    Lexington, Virginia • August 30, 2009 -- Rebecca Benefiel, assistant professor of classics at Washington and Lee University, has spent the last three years studying the more than 11,000 graffiti in Pompeii.
  • Kennedy Would Have Relished the Fight Liberals Face Now
    Lexington, Virginia • August 30, 2009 -- Washington and Lee University history professor Molly Michelmore assesses the legacy of the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy in an op-ed that appeared in both the Richmond Times-Dispatch and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
  • The Campus Kitchen at Washington and Lee University Wins Online Service Award
    Lexington, Virginia • August 28, 2009 -- The Campus Kitchen at Washington and Lee University was awarded $1,000 in the national online True Hero™ Competition.
  • W&L Professor Curates "Modern Patrons" Exhibit
    Lexington, Virginia • August 21, 2009 -- Modern Patrons: Donations of Twentieth Century Art to the University Collection opens on Sept. 1 in Staniar Gallery in Wilson Hall on the campus of Washington and Lee University. Curated by W&L Art History Professor Pamela H. Simpson, the exhibition focuses on significant donors by examining the nature of their collections, their connection to Washington and Lee and the historical context of their gifts.
  • Critically Acclaimed Novelist and Former Botswana High Court Judge visits School of Law
    Lexington, Virginia • August 20, 2009 -- Unity Dow, the first woman appointed as Justice in the High Court of Botswana, will deliver a public lecture at Washington and Lee School of Law on Thursday, Aug. 27.
  • Reid Named University Ombuds
    Lexington, Virginia • August 20, 2009 -- Jane Ellen Reid has contracted with Washington and Lee University to provide services as the first university ombuds. She offers a neutral, independent, informal and confidential way for all employees of W&L to address work-related or other campus concerns.
  • Law Students Return to Revamped Third Year
    Lexington, Virginia • August 20, 2009 -- When third year students return to Washington and Lee Law School this week, they will be met with a brand new curriculum, one unlike any other in the country.
  • W&L Professor Lesley Wheeler's Debut Book of Poetry Garners Praise
    Lexington, Virginia • August 19, 2009 -- Washington and Lee University English professor Lesley Wheeler's new book of poetry, Heathen, is the culmination of 10 years of poetry writing.
  • W&L Preparing for H1N1 Influenza
    Lexington, Virginia • August 17, 2009 -- With the return of students to its campus imminent, Washington and Lee University is launching an information campaign to alert the community to the threat of the novel H1N1 influenza, commonly known as swine flu.
  • New W&L Law Professor Trains the World’s Lawyers
    Lexington, Virginia • August 17, 2009 -- James E. Moliterno, the Vincent Bradford Professor of Law at Washington and Lee School of Law, travels the globe helping foreign legal systems develop ethics codes and training programs that guide lawyers, judges and law students through the conundrums they face in their professional careers.
  • W&L Researchers Explore a Noisy Theory of Aging
    Lexington, Virginia • August 13, 2009 -- We know that as people age their responses and decision-making processes slow down. What we don't know exactly is why this happens. Wythe Whiting, associate professor of psychology at Washington and Lee University, hypothesizes this may be due to a breakdown of the brain's neural circuitry, resulting in what he calls "neural noise."
  • W&L Team Tracking Potential New Salamander Species
    Lexington, Virginia • August 10, 2009 -- What may prove to be a new species of salamander is being investigated in the George Washington National Forest by a Washington and Lee University professor and his students.
  • Economics Research Examining Whether the World Is Really Flat
    Lexington, Virginia • August 9, 2009 -- When you think about research into global economics, the cost of lipstick and toilet paper is hardly the first thing that comes to mind. But that is precisely what Katie Boiles and Ian Sturdy, both economics majors and R. E. Lee Research Scholars at Washington and Lee University, have been researching this summer. Along with light bulbs, bottles of wine and toasters, they are looking at the prices of nearly 200 products around the world.
  • Memorial Service Set for W&L Emeritus History Professor Robert McAhren
    Lexington, Virginia • August 4, 2009 -- Robert McAhren, professor of history emeritus at Washington and Lee University, died Tuesday at Stonewall Jackson Hospital. He was 73.
  • Shepherd Alliance Interns Report on Experiences
    Lexington, Virginia • August 2, 2009 -- Shepherd Alliance interns discussed their experiences during their summer internships as part of the Shepherd Poverty Program when they returned to Lexington for a conference in August.
  • W&L Philosophy Professor a Bodybuilding Champion
    Lexington, Virginia • August 2, 2009 -- At 5-feet-0 and 107 pounds, Melina Bell looks more like, say, a college philosophy professor than a champion bodybuilder. As it happens, she's both. And to prove it, Bell just won a major bodybuilding title to go along with the several scholarly papers she has written on the philosophy of women's bodybuilding.
  • Summer Research Brings Poverty Issues to Life
    Lexington, Virginia • August 2, 2009 -- Spending your summer gathering data on how the U.S. government has funded social programs to combat poverty over the past 50 years would hardly seem to qualify as a day at the beach. But Washington and Lee University senior Caroline Head, an economics major with a minor in poverty studies, has discovered that such data mining is not as dull as it might seem, especially when you consider the stories that are behind the data.
  • Robots, Loud Bangs, and Jelly Beans, Oh My!
    Lexington, Virginia • August 1, 2009 -- Family Adventure Program brings Washington and Lee alumni back to the campus with their children or grandchildren for a weekend of exploring science.