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Research Students



Parker Howard Research Assistant, Neuroscience '14

"While working in Lorig Lab I have not only gained skills necessary to continue research in the field of Neuroscience, but I have also gained valuable practical skills and knowledge to solve real world problems. The experience overall is invaluable and I would recommend it not only to Neuroscience majors, but to those interested in general scientific inquiry as well." 

 Yashna Naidu HHMI Research Fellow, Neuroscience/Politics '15

"Being a part of this lab has given me the opportunity to learn a lot about various methods of programming, writing grant proposals, and working with human subjects. It's very important to be willing to leave your comfort zone in order to explore new areas of research, your field, and life itself. Lorig Lab is all about rising to the challenge and unleashing your true potential. During my time in this lab, I have certainly broadened my horizons and learned a lot about myself. The opportunities and experience that we have gained are unique and truly rewarding."


 Lisa Stoiser Levy Scholar, Neuroscience/German '15

"I came into this lab with a lot of interests, and am coming out with even more.  Although this lab has definitely prepared me for a career in research (Dr. Lorig had us learn the basics of programming, procedure, and politics of science), I've found that there are so many paths and possibilities other than research where the skills I've learned here are applicable."