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Lab Alumni

Words from Recent Alumni

"While working in Lorig Lab I have not only gained skills necessary to continue research in the field of Neuroscience, but I have also gained valuable practical skills and knowledge to solve real world problems. The experience overall is invaluable and I would recommend it not only to Neuroscience majors, but to those interested in general scientific inquiry as well."

- Parker Howard Research Assistant, Neuroscience '14

"My research experience has been full of excitements, a few frustration and a lot of challenges, and I have enjoyed every moment of it! I have learned a lot about grants, computer programming, running experiments, and many other aspects of research by working in the lab. I have definitely had a lot of fun too.  I have learned a lot about computer programming, working with human subjects, and various processes of doing a study. Also, by working with a professor like Dr. Lorig I get to learn so many things about graduate schools, careers in science and life in general."

- Samia Alam, HHMI Research Fellow, Biology

"This lab has given me the opportunity to jump headfirst into the world of research proposals, IRB forms and publishing - research is a challenging and competitive field, but it is one that allows you to explore new ideas, make a name for yourself and reach conclusion that are extremely rewarding.  In the Lorig lab you don't just get training in the field of get training in life. The hours spent discussing topics unrelated to lab work are just as valuable and helpful for the future as the hours spent in the lab."

- Reilly Kidwell, Levy Scholar, Neuroscience/Philosophy 

"Ever since my first term at W&L, I have always had a passion for behavioral neuropsychology.  This lab supports my craving to explore new, original ideas in this field.  The perks of this research - the challenges, teamwork, exploration, imagination and plain fun - teach me more about who I am and show me a broader set of future career paths. Dr. Lorig's lab allows us to work as professionals. Hours are very flexible, and we are encouraged to come up with our own ideas. We also have plenty of opportunities to co-author publications!"

- Brian Stirling, HHMI Research Fellow, Neuroscience 

"This lab explores so many different natual phenomena and really affords us the opportunity to get creative with our ideas.  And what's cooler than sensation, anyhow?"

- Sarah Hagen, RE Lee Scholar, Psychology


Photos of Lab Alumni