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Woods Creek Apartments Floorplans

The letters in the apartment addresses note the quadrant of the buildings; the numbers note floor level. However--the numbers are only relative because the apartment buildings are built into a hill. So the highest number in a quadrant will always be the top floor, but the lowest number is not necessarily at ground level. If you need clarification please call the office of residential life at 540-458-8405.

The apartment floorplans are all similar to the one shown with a living room, kitchen, large bathroom, a balcony, and four bedrooms.

Woods Creek East Woods Creek East  Woods Creek Central  Woods Creek West   
A1 (3 SL, 1 DB) A2 (4 SL) J1 (3 SL) E1 (3 SL, 1 DB)
B1 (4 SL) A3 (4 SL) J2 (5 SL) E2 (3 SL, 1 DB)
C2 (4 SL) B2 (4 SL) J3 (5 SL) E3 (3 SL, 1 DB)
D1 (3 SL, 1 DB) B3 (4 SL) K1 (3 SL) F1 (4 SL)
D2 (4 SL) B4 (4 SL) K2 (5 SL) F2 (4 SL)
C1 (4 SL) K3 (5 SL) F3 (4 SL)
C3 (4 SL) F4 (4 SL)
C4 (4 SL) G1 (4 SL)
C5 (4 SL) G2 (4 SL)
D3 (4 SL) G3 (4 SL)
D4 (4 SL) G4 (4 SL)
D5 (4 SL) G5 (4 SL)
H1 (3 SL, 1 DB)
H2 (3 SL, 1 DB)
H3 (3 SL, 1 DB)
H4 (3 SL, 1 DB)
H5 (3 SL, 1 DB)