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Student Association for International Learning

SAIL - Bringing the World to Our Campus

Chair: Rachel Urban '13


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Student Association for International Learning, or widely known as 'SAIL' is an organization dedicated to addressing international issues within W&L community and sharing with the W&L campus new and different answers to social, cultural and political questions. Most importantly, SAIL promotes exchange between the diverse cultures represented at W&L. Simply put, "bringing the world to our campus" describes what SAIL does.


  • Share your own and others' cultures-the way that other people live, interact, and think.
  • See and Hear things about the world through someone else's eyes-through a different perspective.
  • Learn more interesting stories, different experiences and views.
  • Join SAIL for exciting events and activities throughout the year!

SAIL acts as an umbrella organization for organizations on campus that have interest in international learning and promoting international culture. SAIL currently houses Publicity Committee (PC), Outreach Committee (OC), and Logistics Committee (LC).

President and Active-Chair: Thao Mee Xiong '15

Treasurer: Mithra Muthukrishnan '16

Secretary: HeeJu Jang '15

Publicity Committee: Rachel Oguntola '17 and Rachana Ghimire '17

Outreach Committee: Araba Wubah '17 and Anh Ta '16

Logistics Committee: Nancy Stephen '17 and Diem Tran '17

Advisor: Mrs. Amy Richwine


  • OC: Outreach Committee
    Striving for a Knowledgeable Society
    The purpose of the Outreach Committee is to raise awareness among the students at Washington and Lee by organizing events that deal with international cultures and interests. Moreover, OC coordinates any social and outreach activities between SAIL, W&L and the Lexington Community. Examples include Annual Evening Abroad, International Holiday Celebration, Diwali Dinner Celebration, Lunar New Year Celebration, Cooking Lessons and others.
  • IDRG: International Development and Relief Group
    The International Development and Relief Group (IDRG) aims to inform and educate the Washington and Lee community about current international humanitarian events and happenings through documentary screenings and awareness campaigns. IDRG also fundraises to provide immediate relief and assistance in the long-term development of third-world nations through grassroots projects. Examples include Showcase for Sudan, International Women's Day celebration, Candlelight Vigil.
  • PC: Publicity Committee
    The Publicity Committee supports the other student groups of SAIL with publicity needs, such as designing event flyers and posters and also maintaining SAIL's website. Through different medium, PC also informs the campus community and local community of the current happenings around the world, whether it be holiday, celebration, natural disaster, or disorder in other parts of the world.
  • ISA: International Student Alliance
    Helping make W&L a home away from home
    ISA seeks to help students consider W&L a home away from home. It aims to make the W&L experience an enjoyable one by organizing gatherings, parties, and shopping trips. Moreover, it collaborates with CIE to arrange meetings about visa regulations, filing taxes, and postgraduate career opportunities.