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Interested in Becoming an Attorney?

Then Washington and Lee is the place for you.

Although Washington and Lee does not offer a pre-law major, it does provide a vast array of resources to students interested in pursuing careers in law. Because of its numerous pre-law resources and the outstanding education you will receive at W&L, there is perhaps no university that can better prepare you for law school. Here are just a few examples of W&L's pre-law resources:

• W&L's extensive Pre-law Studies website, available at, offers guidance on everything from the application process to preparing for the LSAT preparation.

• Join Generals Interested in Legal Studies, a student organization devoted to servicing the needs of W&L's pre-law students.

Student Buzz: Laura J. Persun, Class of 2011, says, " Through . . . GILS, I have been notified whenever there is a speaker or a session at W&L, which is relevant to law school. The benefits I have obtained from these sessions are numerous. I am very fortunate that we now have a pre-law program at W&L; otherwise, I would be incredibly lost during this complicated process."

• Speak with a Pre-law Advisor to receive guidance on everything from how to draft your personal statement to selecting the right law school for you.

  • Robert S. Culpepper, J.D., Professor of Management (Huntley 126, x8442,
  • Lucas E. Morel, Ph.D., Professor of Politics (Huntley 120, x8161,
  • Melina Bell, Ph D., Associate Professor of Philosophy (Baker Hall 222, x8899,

Student Buzz: Rome Perlman, Class of 2010 says, "The program has been very helpful, mostly in the application process. I know after talking the process over I felt much more relaxed and prepared."

Attend W&L's numerous law-related speaking events.

  • In the 2008-2009 academic year, W&L brought in numerous law-related speakers to speak on a wide range of topics, including Dr. Pepper's in-house counsel Jim Baldwin who spoke about life as an in-house counsel for a major corporation, Dr. Randall Lockwood who spoke about an important animal rights case currently pending before the U.S. Supreme Court, and law professor Kim Forde-Mazrui who discussed legal challenges to same-sex marriage.

Attend a pre-law information session or workshop.

  • In the 2009-2010 Academic Year, W&L hosted departmental workshops for English, Art, and History majors, held speaking events on specific practice areas such as entertainment law and art law, and offered LSAT Tips and Strategies Sessions, a Personal Statement Workshop, and two free practice LSAT exams. In January 2010, W&L hosted a workshop in which three law school deans of admission allowed students to review actual law school applicant files, ultimately selecting one applicant. The workshop gave participants unique insight into the rigorous law school selection process.  Throughout the year, W&L hosted various law-related speakers, including Ondray Harris, Director of the Community Relations Service at the Department of Justice, and Jim Baldwin, General Counsel for Dr. Pepper.

Join the Law School Liaisons Mentoring Program, which pairs pre-law students with law school mentors.

Take a law school class.

  • W&L allows seniors in good standing to take a law school class with the Instructor's permission.

• Join W&L's Mock Trial Team.

  • Mock trials simulating real life criminal cases. Students have the opportunity to be lawyers in a court setting and learn about the legal system.

We feel confident that W&L's vast array of pre-law resources will give you the tools to succeed in law school and beyond!

Should you have any questions regarding W&L's pre-law resources, feel free to contact any of the pre-law advisors at their respective email addresses, which are provided above.