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Protocol For Faculty And Staff Traveling Abroad Under University Auspices

A. Faculty, Staff or Students Organizing Travel Abroad for Student Groups

Faculty, staff members, or students who organize or advise for trips abroad for members of the W&L community other than Alumni College and W&L Spring Term Abroad courses are requested to adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Contact the W&L Center for International Education (CIE) at least three months prior to departure with general information including the following:

  • countries to be visited;
  • dates of travel;
  • number of students anticipated;
  • estimated costs

2. Go to CIE website for checklist of necessary materials. Contact CIE with any questions.

3. Gather checklist documentation and prepare copies for CIE as indicated

Checklist items - those with (CIE) should store copies with that office

  • Full itinerary including arrangements for accommodation (CIE)
  • Passports (CIE)
  • Agreement of Responsible Travel (CIE)
  • Proof of Adequate Health Insurance (CIE)
  • Contact numbers while abroad (CIE)
  • Emergency Contact Cards
  • Check State Department travel advisories and CDC health advisories for countries to be visited
  • Prepare a pre-departure orientation for Students
  • Prepare an emergency communications plan
  • Consult Family Policy when appropriate


B. Faculty or staff traveling abroad on University business, including professional conferences, are recommended to leave the following information with the CIE or with the Administrative Assistant in their department:

  • Copy of passport
  • Dates of travel and itinerary
  • Emergency contact number(s)


Approved by Provost, February 2010

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