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Treatment and Campus Resources

The exact treatment needs of each individual will vary. It is important for individuals struggling with an eating disorder to find a health professional they trust to help coordinate and oversee their care.

Eating disorders are best treated using a team approach.  Members of a team may be a psychologist, physician and a nutritionist.

Campus Resources

If you think you have issues with eating, a concern about a friend or just want information on eating a healthy diet, contact any of these campus resources. 

Counseling Center:  458-8590. To schedule an appointment contact Janice Reynolds.

  • Christy Barongan, Ph.D.

  • Janet Boller, Psy.D.

  • Kirk Luder, MD

  • Beth Curry, M.Ed.

  • Peer Counselors-- look for their posters around campus with their names and phone numbers

 Student Health Center:  458-8401. To schedule an appointment contact Brenda Clark.

  • Jane Horton, M.D.

  • Matthew Crance, PA

Office of Health Promotion:  458-4501. To schedule an appointment contact Jan Kaufman.

  • Jan Kaufman, M.P.H.

  • LIFE Peer Health Educators--educational programming

Resident Advisers,

SAMS (Student Athlete Mentors)

These resource people can assist students, help confront/support a friend, plan special menus/dining options, connect students with on-campus medical and counseling services, and locate treatment options beyond campus.