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Safe Party Tips

Party Without Regrets

  • Go out in groups and make a plan about getting home
  • Decide the number of drinks you will have prior to drinking-stick to it-count
    number of drinks-spread them out over the evening!
  • Space drinks to one or less per hour
  • Alternate alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks & drink plenty of water
  • Agree before you go out who will be the sober driver
  • Watch your friends-if you came together and want to leave make sure they
    have a plan to get home safely
  • Avoid drinking games
  • Always eat before and during alcohol consumption
  • Remember: Women are more sensitive to the effects of alcohol
  • Pour your own drinks-don't share with others or set yours down
  • Just because someone is in your class doesn't mean you know them as well as you think you may-think about the situation... make clear decisions...
  • Have a designated driver.
  • Never drink and drive.
  • Never ride with someone who has been drinking or using drugs.
  • Use Traveller or a sober driver at a fraternity party.
  • Say "No Thanks," if you don't want to continue drinking or just hold a cup with a non-alcoholic beverage.
  • Participate in activities like dancing, talking, and eating to take the focus off alcohol

How to "Throw" a Party and Treat Your Guests to a Safe Times

  • Get your noise permit and be able to socialize until midnight vs. 11pm
  • Remember to keep the noise level down
  • Collect keys at the door
  • You, as the host, are responsible for keeping your guests' safety. You may be liable if anyone is injured.
  • Do not allow an intoxicated person to continue to consume alcoholic beverages
  • Serve plenty of high-protein, non-salty food like cheese and meat---these foods stay in the stomach longer, slowing down the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream
  • Provide non-alcoholic beverages
  • Stop serving alcohol about 1 hour before the party is over
  • Have impaired friends spend the night or find your guests rides.
  • Use Traveller or sober drivers.
  • Stay sober yourself.
  • You might have to deal with an emergency.