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Health Library


This Health Library provides the Washington and Lee community with information and resources on the most important health issues to college students. Click on a health topic in the navigation bar to the left for further information and links.Media Campaigns

Stall Street Journals
Get your health fact fix in the stall...
Tips on healthy eating, sleeping...

Student Health 101 e-health magazine
Read each monthly issue which is packed with all kinds of health tips
Each month 4 Stall Street Journals accompany the magazine
The Self Care Guide offers information on common ailments
And be sure to check out the W&LStudent Health 101 Facebook page!


Media Campaigns


Disclaimer: Links are selected because of their reputation for accuracy; however, note that information gleamed from a website does not replace personal medical care. All health concerns, particularly those of a serious nature, should be addressed by visiting the Student Health Center or the Counseling Center, or another appropriate treatment facility. Informational questions can be addressed by the Office of Health Promotion.