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Information Technology Services

Digital Storytelling Resources at W&L

Workshops, Equipment, Software and Online Resources


  • Digital Equipment available for checkout at the Information Desk in Leyburn Library
  • NOTE If there are class projects going on the equipment will not be available for the entire 7 day period
    • HD Video Cameras: 7 days
    • Digital Voice Recorders: 7 days
    • PC headsets with microphones: 7 days
    • External hard drives (for transfer of large video files): 7 days
    • Digital still cameras: 7 day
    • Tripods: 7 days

  • Software
    • iMovie: iMovie is a part of the Macintosh operating system. There are 6 Macintosh computers in the Innovation Lab on the main level of Leyburn Library and a Macintosh computer in the Video Editing room at the rear of the Innovation Lab. Wilson Hall 3027 also has 14 Macintosh computers. All have iMovie.
    • Adobe Photoshop: Adobe Photoshop can be used for editing still images and is a part of Adobe Creative Suite. This software is available as part of the Creative Suite Package on the 12 PCs and the 7 Macintosh computers in the Innovation Lab/Video Editing room in Leyburn Library and the 14 Macintosh computers in Wilson Hall 3027.
    • Audacity: Audacity can be used to edit audio clips like voiceover narratives for digital stories. It is a free download, and it is available on the 12 PCs in the Innovation Lab on the main floor of Leyburn Library, the 20 computers in Parmly 302 and 13 computers in Leyburn 301.
    • Final Cut : Final Cut is an advanced video editing software for the Macintosh. It is available on the 7 Macintosh computers in the Innovation Lab and Video Editing room (M39) in Leyburn Library.

  • Links to Internal Resources
  • Links to External Resources
    • Digital Storytelling Websites
      • : Center for Digital Storytelling-contains sample stories, information about the Digital Storytelling Cookbook and information about workshops.Rubrics and Assessment of Digital Storytelling Royalty Free Music
      • Contact Julie Knudson in Academic Technologies for username and password information for this website; for W&L community access only