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Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University

Approval to Graduate

The current marching order of those expected to graduate Thursday is posted outside the University Registrar's Office.  Please check it soon so you know where to line up.  More details on lining up, including for those 18 students receiving two degrees, are available at

Senior grades are due from the faculty at 12:00 noon on Monday, May 25.

No individual grades will be available through WebAdvisor until 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, May 27.

WebAdvisor grading screens will have restricted access while grades are being verified and seniors are being certified for graduation.

On Tuesday, as individual degree applications are cleared (in random order) and approval given for graduation, the list of degree candidates outside the University Registrar's Office, in Early-Fielding, will be updated with a red check mark (  ) to indicate students who have completed all  academic  requirements and are approved to graduate by this office. Once the list is checked, you are certified as having completed all academic  requirements for graduation.

Final recommendation for graduation is presented to the faculty at the Tuesday afternoon faculty meeting at which time any remaining conduct issues are addressed.

The list will be updated --  in no particular order  -- approximately every hour beginning mid-morning on Tuesday.

Your name won't be checked until we clear you. It is a process which takes most of the day and into the evening

Please be patient.

If there is a problem, the University Registrar will get in touch with you.

Phone calls or e-mails requesting "my graduation status"

will not be acknowledged.

You must check the list outside the University Registrar's Office.

Thanks for your patience.

Scott Dittman, University Registrar