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Natalie Bunnell '10

Hometown: Clarendon Hills, IL

Major: Art History and Romance Languages

Extracurricular Involvement:

  • General Co-Chair of ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)
  • Assistant Head Resident Adviser for First-Year Students/ Head of Academic Peer Tutoring Program
  • Dance Company
  • University Shenandoah Symphony Orchestra
  • Arts League
  • Rho Gamma (Greek Recruitment Guide)

Off-Campus Experience:

  • Summer 2007 - Teaching Assistant at Colegio Santísima Trinidad in Mar del Plata, Argentina
  • Spring 2008 - Wind Ensemble and Orchestra Tour in Egypt
  • Spring 2008 - Study abroad trip to The Netherlands with Science in Art spring term class taught by Dr. Uffelman
  • Summer 2008 - Intern with Washington and Lee University Art Collections
  • Spring 2009 - ESOL Volunteer trip to the Dominican Republic
  • Summer 2009 - Intern in Research Department of Instituut Collectie Nederland (Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Post-Graduation Plans: Graduate School for Art History

Favorite Class: Political Philosophy with Professor Velásquez

Favorite Lexington Landmark: Washington Street Purveyors

The most defining experiences I have had at Washington and Lee happened off campus--way off campus. I'm still amazed at how this small university in Lexington, Virginia, has served as a virtual springboard for me, sending me to far away lands from Argentina to Egypt and plenty of places in between. Yet Lexington is where I always return. Ironically, it has taken several years of world travel to realize that I don't need to go far away to have unique new experiences. I can do so right here, interacting with my professors, my peers and members of the community.

Through various classes and organizations I have had the opportunity to study, work and even perform all over the world. My first abroad experience was an internship at a bilingual school in Argentina the summer after my first year at Washington and Lee. It was my first time living and working on my own, and I was extremely nervous, but I ended up loving the experience and learning quite a bit.

My second year, I traveled to Egypt with the University Orchestra and Wind Ensemble for one of the craziest weeks of my life. We actually played a concert while cruising down the Nile River! Shortly after Egypt, I studied abroad in The Netherlands with a spring term course that investigated the role of Science in Art. We visited premier museums and conservation labs all over the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany.

As a junior, I traveled to the Dominican Republic on a volunteer trip teaching English to baseball players at a San Diego Padres training camp and working at a local school. Last summer I worked as an intern in the research department at one of the conservation labs I had visited the year before in Amsterdam.

During all this travel I have continued the active learning process that began my first year here at Washington and Lee. I have explored different cultures, spoken new languages, befriended total strangers and discovered quite a bit about myself along the way.

After each trip I return home with new understanding and resolve. It was after Argentina that I joined ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), a community service organization that aims to encourage communication and understanding among speakers of different languages. Through ESOL I have taught Spanish classes to English speakers and English lessons to Spanish speakers, working directly with Lexington community members.

My experiences working abroad have taught me practical lessons that I can apply to my academic endeavors and future career, but they have also helped me become a more assertive and self-confident individual. After venturing out into the world, I have become more comfortable with myself here in Lexington. I am involved in several campus organizations that allow me to pursue my passion for language and my love of the arts while interacting with my peers, often as a student leader.

Washington and Lee has provided me with the opportunity to travel all over the world and yet flourish in the idyllic setting of a small liberal arts college.