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End It

If you wouldn’t want your sister (or brother) to come to W&L, would you send your children?

END IT is a movement that seeks to end sexual assault at W&L no later than 2030. Let's make W&L a safe place.

All submissions to this website are completely anonymous. If you would like to contact END IT directly, please send an e-mail to

If you would like immediate assistance after experiencing sexual assault, please contact one of the following:

Student Health Center

458-8401 (open 24/7)

University Counseling


Project Horizon Hotline

(540) 463-2594 (available 24/7)

These resources will keep your identity confidential. Contacting them does not obligate you to report your assault to the police or any university judicial body.

END IT is collecting anonymous stories from members of the W&L community about their personal experiences with sexual assault. By contributing your story, you are breaking the silence.

END IT will only use your information in ways that you have indicated permission for below. Because your submission is anonymous, your identity will not be revealed in any of the below. Please check all boxes that apply:

  For End It members to read and discuss only among themselves.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Publishing anonymous stories is a powerful way to expose the prevalence and nature of sexual assault at W&L. We hope this will contribute substantially to the success of efforts to reduce its prevalence. However, if your submission is used in the following ways, others may mention the contents of your submission to you or in front of you, not realizing that they are describing your experience. It is possible that what is said will be upsetting to you. Because your well-being comes first, please consider this before permitting the following uses.
  For END IT members to read and share by word of mouth with other members of the W&L community.
  For END IT members to read and share by word of mouth with others, within or beyond the W&L community (e.g., with other organizations or in other projects working to prevent sexual assault).
  For END IT members to publish it, or parts of it, in the Ring Tum Phi.
  For END IT members to post it, parts of it or phrases from it, in various locations on campus, on posters, in flyers, or through other media of display.
*Please submit your story, comment, or question below:
The following demographic information would be very helpful to END IT, but is NOT required. Please complete as much of this form as you feel comfortable sharing. If you would like to share additional demographic information, please include it in the body of your message above.
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