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Choosing the Right Law School for You

Create a list of criteria that your "dream school" will possess. What characteristics and programs will your law school offer.  In doing so, consider the following: law school rankings, tuition costs, scholarship and financial aid availability, location, student organizations, cost of living, curriculum, admissions, faculty, rates of post-graduation employment or clerkship hiring, geographic distribution of graduates, levels of student satisfaction, school and student resources, bar exam passage rates, distribution among top law firms, law firm recruiting practices, availability of legal clinics and externships, OSCAR and CARS resources, availability of student loan forgiveness options, clerkship hiring rates, alumni, anecdotal descriptions, etc. Use this criteria to compile a list of law schools to which you would like to apply.

Obtain law school brochures and peruse law school websites to gain more information important to determine which school will be the best "fit" for you. Where possible, visit law school campuses and attend Admitted Student Weekends.  Speak to the students and admissions officers therein; if on-site visits are not possible, reach out by phone or email.

As always, feel free to contact your academic or pre-law advisor to gain additional insight in making this important decision. 

For additional information, visit LSAC