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Beta Beta Beta

Phi Xi Chapter of the National Biological Honor Society

About Tri-Beta

Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta) is a society for students, particularly undergraduates, dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study, and extending boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research. Since its founding in 1922, more than 200,000 persons have been accepted into lifetime membership, and more than 520 chapters have been established throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.
TriBeta was founded in 1922 at Oklahoma City University--the Alpha Chapter--by Dr. Frank G. Brooks and a group of his students. The idea of an honor and professional society for biology students spread rapidly and by 1925, the society was a national organization. Biennial national conventions of student and faculty members began in that year and in 1930 the society journal, BIOS, began publication of student research, articles of interest to biologists and society news. As the society grew, it was divided into regional and district groups, each of which holds a convention annually. At the heart of every district and national meeting are student research papers presented in the style of graduate meetings. Awards are given for outstanding individual and chapter accomplishment.

Mission Statement

The Phi Xi Chapter of Tri-Beta National Biological Honor Society exists to promote the pursuit of a higher level of educational achievement, the companionship among science scholars, and the appreciation of the biological sciences. Tri-Beta aspires to open doors for students pursuing medical school, graduate school, or any other post-graduate plans. Tri-Beta is committed to providing students with an opportunity to use their interest in the sciences with the goal of enhancing our academic community.

Chapter Officers

President: Reilly Kidwell '13
VP: Daniel Hsu '14
Treasurer: Doug Hilbert '14
Secretary: Christine Pence '14
Historian: Aubri Charnigo '13
Development: Derek Barisas '13
Public Relations: Keaton Fletcher '13

BBB Membership Info

BBB is an honor society for the biological sciences, so student majoring in biology, neuroscience, biochemistry, environmental sciences, and psychology are eligible to apply. There are two types of membership: formal and associate.

Formal members must have completed some form of research and be interviewed by the officer board before being granted formal membership. Applicants are required to have a 3.00 GPA for admittance to formal membership. Only formal members are eligible for BBB scholarships and are granted the honor of wearing honor cords at graduation. Formal members also have the opportunity to attend national conferences.

Associate members do not need to have conducted research, although research is encouraged for all members. There is no GPA requirement for associate membership. Associate members can participate in all group activities/meetings except for those only associated with formal membership.

All members are required to attend a few mandatory meetings and the initiation of new members. Being a BBB member offers a lot of opportunity for students in the sciences. Members have input in bringing world renowned lecturers in science, medicine, and otherwise to campus. In addition, members can apply for research scholarships and network with other students to find research opportunities on campus and at prestigious labs/universities across the country. We also have our own database of upper class science tutors for help with science classes. Additionally, BBB hosts events throughout the year that are available only to BBB members, such as our spring term dinner. BBB membership has various leadership opportunities associated with it. Each year, members organize the BBB projects and events and elect new officers for the 2013-2014 academic year officer board.

How to Apply

Fill out the application located outside Howe 413 and return to Dr. Watson. If requesting for Formal Membership, an interview with the current officers will need to be scheduled. There is also a $60 fee for Formal Members and a $50 fee for Associate Members (once application is approved).

Membership Application (PDF)
Officer Application (PDF)

Past Events

03/21/12 - Speaker Dr. Randy Heflin, a Professor of Physics at Virginia Tech.  "Optical Fiber Diagnostics for MRSA Strains"

05/04/11 - Speaker Dr. Xinzhong Dong, an Associate Professor at the Solomon H. Snyder dept. of Neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University.  "An Itch to be Scratched"

3/11/10 - Speaker Dr. Eliza W. Menninger of the admissions office of Harvard Medical School.  "So you want to be a doctah"

12/1/09 - Speaker Dr. Dong Feng Chen, an Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology at Harvard Medical School.  "Awakening Dormant Regenerative Potential of the Brain: Future Therapeutic Possibilities"

History of the Tri-Beta Phi Xi Chapter

The Tri-Beta Phi Xi Chapter of Washington & Lee University was first installed in the fall of 2009. The desire to start a biological honor society first began with the chapter's founding President Hikaru Kinouchi who had previously been affiliated with another Tri-Beta chapter.
The focus of the Phi Xi Chapter is to create a society for undergraduate students dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of the biological sciences. It will provide fellowship within a community of students who have attained a higher level of achievement at Washington & Lee University. The organization plans to present speakers from outside our campus ranging from professors of nearby colleges and universities to health professionals. Tri-Beta plans to assist students with an opportunity at various scholarships from the national headquarters as well as enlightening students with potential research opportunities currently on campus.


General Body meetings are on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm in Leyburn Library M47 but are subject to change. Be sure to e-mail the current secretary if you would like your e-mail to be added to the mailing list. The majority of Tri-Beta's events and meeting times will be distributed through e-mail.

Acknowledgement of Contributions

List of sponsors for the upcoming Lecture with Dr. Dong Feng Chen
• Biology Department


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