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Order of the Coif

academic honors in law, since 1950

The English Order of the Coif was the most ancient and one of the most honored institutions of the common law. It was an association of lawyers who for centuries had the sole right to appear as barristers in the Court of Common Pleas. The Order takes its name from the word used to designate the cap all the members of the Order were compelled to wear. This cap or coif was originally of white lawn or silk, forming a close-fitting hood. Later when wigs came into fashion, the coif was changed to a circular piece of white lawn fastened to the top of the wig. The real decline in the power and influence of the Order came through the appointment of King's counsel but despite efforts to change it, the Order remained the sole body of accepted practitioners at the Common Pleas Bar down to the Judicature Act.

The American Order of the Coif is the outgrowth of an earlier society known as Theta Kappa Nu, founded in 1902 for the purpose of promoting scholarship among American law students. In 1912 the society was reorganized as the Order of the Coif "to foster a spirit of careful study and to mark in a fitting manner those who have attained a high grade of scholarship." Students in the top 10% of their graduating class are eligible for membership.

New Members, Class of 2014

Julia Blair Barber
Avery Devin Catlin
Mitchell Lee Davis
Kyle Adam Dolinsky
Laura Elizabeth Erdman
Meghan Elizabeth Flinn
Jan May Fox
Ryan Matthew Hrobak
Virginia Dawson Lane
Heather Michelle Lawson
Cara Elizabeth Regan
Patrick Emerson Sweeney
Lucas Russell White

New Members, Class of 2013

Paul Bennett IV
Daniel Owen Callaghan
Joanna Louise Heiberg
Matthias John Kaseorg
Kimberly M. Marston
Kristopher Richard McClellan
Chloe Bell McDougal
Kelly Maureen McGuire
Anthony David Raucci
Brandt Haywood Stitzer
Alexander Michael Sugzda
Scott M. Weingart
Alan James Wenger
Charles Anthony Wolfe IV

New Members, Class of 2012

Patrick Alfred Barthle II
Avalon Jonah Frey
Andrew Shane Gerrish
Steven Maher Harkins
Michael Hugh Hill
Meghan Elaine Hobbs
Chaz Daniel Klaes
Bobby Ray Martin
Suzanne Elizabeth Peters
Tegan Jo Peterson
Ellis Harris Pretlow
Christine M. Shephard
Christopher Thomas Zona

New Members, Class of 2011

Katherine Ann Brings
Katherine Mary Brockmeyer
Jonathan Lamar Foley
Brandon Hasbrouck
Sheri Ann Hiter
Lindsay Amanda Hitz
Charles Bartholow Holder
Micah Prieb Stoltzfus Jost
Alexander Lee Merritt
Meghan Elizabeth Monaghan
James Griffith Ritter
Maryl Christina Sattler
Aaron Robert Sims
Lauren Brooke Tallent

New Members, Class of 2010

Patrick Thomas Chamberlain
Aaron Bruce Cook
Edward Stewart Crosland
George Brian Davis
Erica Blayre Haggard
Gene Patrick Hamilton
Bryan John Hoynak
John Christopher LaMont
Zachary Ian Mills
Eric Matthew Morris
Brett Michael Shockley
Andrew Aaron Spievack

New Members, Class of 2009

Daniel Hackett Ennis
Michelle Lynn Evans
Rachel Marriner Lynn
Christopher William Henry
Garrett Shea Ledgerwood
Peter S. Massaro III
Roger Herbert Miksad
Andrew Howard Morton
Allen C. Myers
Arif Shamsherali Noorani
Oleg V. Nudelman
Gregory Lawson Schinner
Bridget Marie Tainer-Parkins
Emily Ayliffe White

Honorary Members

Herbert F. Fitzpatrick '92 '93L (1951)
John L. O'Brian (1952)
John W. Davis '92 '95L (1953)
James R. Caskie '06 '09L (1954)
Edward S. Graves '30 (1955)
William T. Gossett (1956)
H. Graham Morison '30 '32L (1957)
John J. McCloy (1958)
John W. Eggleston '06 '07M '10L (1959)
Rosser L. Malone Jr. '32L (1960)
E. Barrett Prettyman (1961)
William Oliver Roberts Jr. '58L (1962)
Kermit E. Hundley '53L (1963)
Wilbur C. Hall '15L (1964)
Walter E. Hoffman '31L (1967)
Ted Dalton (1968)
Oswald B. McEwan '40L (1969)
John DeW. Carter (1970)
Paul A. Holstein '32L (1971)
Fred M. Vinson Jr. '48 '51L (1972)
Richard Hanes (1973)
William W. Sweeney (1974)
Thornton G. Berry Jr. '34L (1975)
H. Emory Widener Jr. '53L (1976)
Robert M. Campbell (1977)
John W. Drye Jr. '20L (1978)
Manuel M. Weinberg '31L (1981)
Charles F. Clarke '38 (1982)
Roscoe B. Stephenson Jr. '43 '47L (1984)
Sol Wachtler '51 '52L (1985)
Raymond W. Haman '52L (1986)
Johnny E. Morrison '74 '77L (1987)
Alexander M. Harman Jr. '44L (1988)
Thomas W. Mapp (1989)
Thomas Hal Clarke Jr. '73 '76L (1990)
Isadore M. Scott '37L (1992)
Robert J. Grey Jr. '76L (1993)
Pamela J. White '77L (1994)
William Ray Price Jr. '78L (1995)
Linwood Holton '44 (1996)
Carroll L. Wainwright Jr. (1997)
Robert E. Glenn '51 '53L (1998)
H. F. (Gerry) Lenfest '53 (1999)
Frederick P. Stamp Jr. '56 (2000)
Robert E. Stroud '56 '59L (2001)
Gregory W. Wiercioch '92L (2002)
John D. Klinedinst '71 '78L (2003)
Sarah K. Wiant '78L (2004)
Lizanne Thomas '82L (2005)
John Wolf '69,'72L (2006)
W. Donald Bain, Jr. ‘49L (2007)
G. Michael Pace, Jr. ‘84L (2008)
Jessine A. Monaghan ‘79L (2009)
Linda A. Klein ‘83L (2010)
Richard H. Middleton '73, '76L (2011)