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Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University
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Kate Donnelly '11

Hometown: Houston, TX

Majors: Accounting and Business

Minor: Poverty Studies

Extracurricular Involvement:

  • Varsity Field Hockey
  • Varsity Lacrosse
  • Bonner Leader AmeriCorps Program, Class Representative
  • Shepherd Poverty Program
  • Nabors Service League, Children's Service Contact Chair
  • Student Athletic Advisory Council
  • Kappa Alpha Theta, Vice President of Development

Off-Campus Experiences:

  • Cooper's Ferry Development Association in Camden, NJ (Project Manager Intern)
  • Maury River Senior Center (Senior Outreach Assistant)
  • Yellow Brick Road Preschool (Teacher's Aid)
  • Campus Kitchens

Post-Graduation Plans: I'd like to work on the business and management side of a successful non-profit. Ultimately, I would like to start a camp/mentor program in Houston, Tx for inner-city kids around the area.

Favorite W&L Memory: Beating Middlebury in Lacrosse my freshman year. It was an amazing team effort and such a great experience to share with my teammates.

Favorite Class: Professor Margand's Effects of Poverty: Family and Children. The class was small and intimate with a diverse group of people. It was interesting and enlightening to hear other people's opinions and experiences.

Favorite W&L Activity: Floating down the Maury River.

Favorite Lexington Landmark: The Chessie Trail

What sets Washington and Lee University apart? For me, it's the overarching sense of community and support. The relationships W&L fosters between its students, professors, coaches and community members distinguish the campus from all others. When applying to colleges, I knew I wanted a school that would encourage me to get involved in all aspects of the University. But I didn't just want to get casually involved--I wanted to be dedicated. I wanted to be able to play sports, serve the community, take both liberal arts and business classes, have fun, and develop lasting relationships with both students and professors, while putting my whole heart into everything I decided to do.

The support provided by the W&L community is one of a kind. From my first day of class freshman year, both my advisors and my professors were truly interested in my well-being. Always willing to discuss homework problems, an upcoming test, a scheduling issue or even chat about who's going to win the Super Bowl, professors love to get to know their students on a personal basis. At some schools, going to a professor's house for dinner or dessert is a special treat, but at Washington and Lee it is the norm. W&L professors love to get involved in their students lives, from saying hello in the grocery store to cheering on the Generals at athletic events. They truly care about their students.

Support does not stop in the classroom. Not only do my coaches push me to strive for my best in field hockey and lacrosse, they push for excellence in all aspects of college, from academics to extracurricular activities to summer internships. They genuinely care about contributing to their athletes' well-rounded college experiences, not just life on the playing field. If anything, my coaches have become my parents away from home.

A sense of community is emphasized in Lexington, as well--as much as on the W&L campus. The experiences I have had outside of the classroom and off of the playing field have played a vital role in my college experience. Through programs like Campus Kitchens, Nabors Service Day, the Shepherd Poverty Program and the Bonner Leader Program, Washington and Lee provides meaningful opportunities for students to become a part of the Lexington community. From teaching kids how to read at Waddell Elementary to playing Bingo with the seniors at the Natural Bridge Manor, every experience I have had with the surrounding residents of Rockbridge County has both enhanced my learning and helped me shape my views.

Students at Washington and Lee are doers not followers. Everyone loves to get involved and be active. This not only enhances the community feel, but makes getting involved that much more fun. Because of the extended support and involvement of its professors, coaches, mentors and students, Washington and Lee attracts, fosters and creates well-balanced, driven and dedicated students--the type of people everyone loves to be around!