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Sanako Study 1200

  • Use the White Board feature allows students to make annotations onto selected images that you share with the class
  • Use the Web Browsing feature to control the student's browsing
  • Use the Homework feature to distribute exercise files and material to students. Once students finish working with these files, they can submit their work back through the program
  • Use the side panel to control your class' actions while you teach
  • You can create audio content to administer oral examination to your class
  • Using Preferences you can select where you want Sanako files to save
  • Using the Sound Settings you can customize your headset's volume and the sensitivity of your microphone
  • This is what your students will see when you are operating Sanako
  • Sanako Study 1200 is a revolutionary educational program that can do these few features and many more. Just ask an assistant if you have any questions.