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Software Self-help - Faculty

List of Topics:

1. Making a CD Using iMovie and iDVD
2. How To Rip A DVD Using Handbrake

Making a DVD Using iMovie and iDVD

NOTE: Always use iMovie HD
1. Open iMovie HD
2. Click "Create a New Project"
3. When titling the project, name it the same as the recording/video you are making. Save this under the same folder as the original recording (in .mp4 format)
4. Put the recording into iMovie
     a. Drag recording file onto main area of screen OR
     b. File - Import the recording
5. Drag the recording from the clips section (on the right hand side) to the bottom section that reads, "drag clips here to build your project."
6. Create chapters
     a. Click on "Chapters" (lower right corner)
     b. Navigate using the arrow to select the chapter placement (time desired)
     c. Click "Add Marker"
     d. Save after all chapters are finished
7. Share this file with iDVD (ShareiDVD)
8. iDVD
     a. stick to the default settings
     b. make sure titles are all correct
     c. make sure to place input in all drop zones
     d. right click and fill drop zone
9. Burn DVD (File Burn DVD)
10. Put blank disc in and finish

How to rip a DVD using HandBrake

1. Insert the DVD or mount the DVD image by opening the image file.
2. If DVD Player starts automatically, quit it.
3. Launch HandBrake.
4. Select the DVD in the detected volume or browse for the mounted DVD image and press Open.
5. HandBrake will scan the titles on the disc.
6. Under Destination press Browse:
7. Type the DVD name into the Save As box, choose the appropriate folder for the file and press Save.
8. Click the Audio & Subtitles tab. Set sample rate to 48. If you have instructions concerning language or subtitles, change those settings accordingly.
9. When you are ready, press Rip. The process will take approximately forever.