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FRANCE (Language and Culture)

Supervised Study Abroad

FREN 172 and 212
4 credits
4 weeks in Nice, France
Professor Mohamed Kamara

A period of intensive language training and exposure to the language, culture, and people of France. The program includes study in a French language school, living with a French family, excursions, and other cultural activities.

Students will follow an intensive language program. The program will also include many excursions in and outside of Nice. In addition to the weekly journal entries to be turned in to the professor, students will be required to adopt a neighborhood, a street, an organization, a market, etc. of their choice in Nice and surroundings. They will submit, at the end of the program, an essay (10-20 pages), depending on the level of the student) on a unique aspect of their chosen subject. Students will be encouraged to take advantage of their home-stay families to complete this project.

Students will engage in approximately 20-25 hours per week of direct language instruction with the professor, host school instructors, and cultural experts; approximately 15-25 hours per week spent in language and cultural learning activities. The many informal tutorial sessions, supervised day trips/site visits and weekend long excursions, "French-only policy," as well as other full immersion experiences, guarantee that students will spend even more time with professor per week.

FREN 172: can be counted toward FDR FL (foreign language) requirement. It can be used as an elective for major.

FREN 212: does not count toward FDR. It can be used as an elective for major.

PROGRAM FEE: $3,530 (paid to W&L) includes fees to host institution, field trips, room and board and mandatory supplemental health and emergency medical evacuation insurance.

Additional Costs: International airfare (est. $850); personal spending money.

For more information contact Professor Kamara.