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USA: South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana and Nebraska

Land in Lakota Culture, Religion, and History

ANTH 286
4 credits
2 weeks off-campus
Professor Harvey Markowitz

Combining classroom studies and field research, this 4-credit seminar will focus on the religious, cultural, and historical dimensions of the Lakota Sioux's ties to their lands. During the initial week, participants will receive an intensive introduction to Lakota culture, religion, and history. The seminar's second two weeks will comprise a fieldtrip in which the class will visit sites that are of major cultural, religious, and historical significance to Lakotas in South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming. These sites will include the Black Hills, Badlands, Bear Butte, Wind Cave, the Little Big Horn Battlefield, Crazy Horse Monument, and Mt. Rushmore. We will also have the opportunity to hear representatives from tribal social service and governmental organizations describe on-going economic, social programs and political initiatives. The group will have the experience of sleeping in tipis during a portion of the fieldtrip. After returning to campus, participants will spend the seminar's final week investigating the contemporary status of Lakota-land relations and delivering presentations based on their term paper.

This course counts as an elective toward an Anthropology major.

PROGRAM FEE: (Paid to W&L) $1,190 includes room and board, ground transportation, activity fees.

Additional costs: Airfare (est. $500); spending money (est. $125); text books

For further information, contact Professor Markowitz.