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Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University

Jonathan Erickson

Assistant Professor of Physics and Engineering

Howe 221
(540) 458-8293

Professional Website

Erickson with students and villagers in Bolivia, Engineers Without Borders project.


Ph.D. in Bioengineering - California Institute of Technology, Pasadena CA
M.S. in Aeronautics - California Institute of Technology, Pasadena
B.S. in Physics (cum laude) - Harvey Mudd College, Claremont CA

Selected Publications

Erickson, J., Tooker, A., Tai, Y-C., and Pine, J.  (2008) "The Neurochip: a parylene-based microdevice for non-invasive probing of cultured neural network connectivity at the single neuron level." J. Neurosci. Meth.  175(1): 1-16.

Tooker, A., Erickson, J., Chow, G., Tai, Y-C., and Pine. J. (2006) "Parylene neurocages for electrical stimulation on silicon and glass substrates."  Conf Proc EIEEE Eng. Med Biol Soc.  1:4322-5.

Erickson, J., Obioha, C., Bradshaw, L.A., Goodale, A., and Richards, W.O. (2009) "Detection of Small Bowel Slow-Wave Frequencies From Noninvasive Biomagnetic Measurements.." Transactions on Biomedical Engineering. 2009 Sep;56(9):2181-9.