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Bonn and Beyond: A Supervised Study Abroad through Germany's Rhineland

GER 264/304
4 credits
4 weeks in Germany
Professor Daniel J. Kramer

This intensive language course offers students a four-week period of direct exposure to the language, culture, and people of Germany. Students will immerse themselves in the culturally rich environs of Bonn, Cologne, and the region along the important Rhine river. Over the four weeks, students will improve their communication skills through extensive and innovative language instruction offered by the program director, a native language assistant, and team of discussion leaders. They will gain a greater understanding of German history from its Roman origins and Baroque splendor to its post-WWII reconstruction and contemporary culture through lectures by native authorities, tours of museums, churches, companies, and governmental organizations, and - above all - through their interaction with their host families and with German university students.

Students interested in either internships in Bonn after the program or participating in the 4-week "European Summer Academy" also in Bonn should contact Professor Kramer early in the fall.

GER 264 (followed by an approved 2-week or more intensive language course) fulfills the FDR FL and GE2 requirements.

PROGRAM FEE: $1,530 (Paid to W&L) includes all fees to host institution, room and board, ground transportation within Germany.

Additional Costs: International airfare (est. $900) and personal spending money.

Contact Professor Kramer if you need further information.