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Supervised Study Abroad

JAPN 100/115/265
4 credits
4 weeks in Japan
Prof. Ken Ujie

Students will spend four weeks in Kanazawa studying the Japanese language in the morning and participating in cultural activities, such as flower arrangement, zen practice, calligraphy and tea ceremony in the afternoon. Other activities will include field trips such as an overnight trip to Noto peninsula and a three-day trip to Tokyo. Students live with a host family and can experience typical Japanese daily life. Three levels of language instruction (beginning, 1st year and 2nd year levels) will be given. Beginners without any prior language training are welcome and should speak with the program leader, Prof. Ujie, in advance.

No pre-requisites for JAPN 100.  This course meets part of East Asian Languages and Literatures (EALL) major requirements.

Pre-requisites for JAPN 115:  JAPN 111/112.  3 credits may count toward the EALL major.

Pre-requisites for JAPN 265:  JAPN 261/262.  3 credits may count toward the EALL major requirements.

PROGRAM FEE: (Paid to W&L) $2,235 includes, room and board, fees to host institution, ground transportation, text books and mandatory supplementary health and medical emergency evacuation insurance.

Additional costs:  International airfare (est. $1,200) and personal spending money.

Please contact Prof. Ujie for more information.