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Recent and Ongoing Faculty Awards

Alison Bell, Associate Professor of Archaeology: Support from the Delaplaine Foundation for the excavation, restoration, and display of artifacts recovered from the Robinson Hall grounds

Robert Humston, Associate Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies: Jeffress Memorial Trust grant to continue his research on the effects of between-river dispersal of smallmouth bass

Fiona Watson, Assistant Professor of Biology and Neuroscience: Jeffress Memorial Trust renewal grant to study optic nerves in frogs

Suzanne Keen, Dean of the College and the Thomas Broadus Professor of English; Sara Sprenkle, Associate Professor of Computer Science; Paul Youngman, Associate Professor of German: ACS R-1 Collaboration Grant to integrate graduate students from the University of Virginia into Washington and Lee's pedagogical efforts in digital humanities

Richard Kuettner, Director of Tucker Multimedia Center: Associated Colleges of the South grant to conduct the ACS World Language Webinars

Kenichi Ujie, Associate Professor of Japanese Language: Support from the JCAW Foundation to hold sushi-preparation workshops

Rebecca Benefiel, Associate Professor of Classics: Support from International Association of Greek and Latin Epigraphy for students assisting her in a workshop to teach ACS faculty how to use, record, digitize and study ancient texts, handwritten in Latin, from the archaeological site of Herculaneum; and from the Associated Colleges of the South to assist with the same project in Herculaneum

Lisa Greer, Associate Professor of Geology: Keck Geology Consortium grant to research coral growth in the Caribbean

Jonathan Eastwood, Associate Professor of Sociology: American Sociological Association grant to develop a  pilot expert survey program to identify the development of national identities in Europe

Timothy Jost, Willet Family Professor of Law: Support from the Commonwealth Fund to allow Professor Jost and his collaborators at Wake Forest and Harvard universities to continue assessing exchanges in the new national health-care law

James Warren, S. Blount Mason Jr. Professor of English: Support from the Alaska Humanities Forum to research the poetry and prose of John Haines

William Hamilton, Professor of Biology: National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation grant for acquisition of an Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer

Erich Uffelman, Cincinnati Professor of Chemistry: National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation grant for Fiber Optic Reflectance Spectrometry and Multispectral Imaging of W&L art collections

Melissa Kerin, Assistant Professor of Art History: Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges Mednick Memorial Fellowship to study Tibetan Buddhist shrines in the Indian Himalaya

Robert Strong, Interim Provost and William Lyne Wilson Professor of Politics: Fulbright U.S. Scholars Distinguished Chairs Program grant to serve as the Mary Ball Washington Professor of American History at University College Dublin

Michelle Drumbl, Associate Clinical Professor of Law: Three-year U.S Internal Revenue Service grant for the School of Law Tax Clinic to assist low-income taxpayers

Angela Smith, Roger Mudd Professor of Ethics and Professor of Philosophy: Both the University Center for Human Values at Princeton University's Laurence S. Rockefeller Visiting Fellowship and a National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Stipend fellowship to complete work on the manuscript Attitude Matters: Responsibility, Respect, and Reconciliation

David Marsh, Professor of Biology: National Science Foundation grant to research how habitat changes affect amphibians

Joel Kuehner, Associate Professor of Physics and Engineering: National Science Foundation grant to study supersonic mixing of air and fuel

Jill Fraley, Assistant Professor of Law: National Sea Grant Law Center funding for a symposium on property rights, land use and climate change

Robin LeBlanc, Cannan Term Professor of Politics: Fulbright Fellowship to study how communities in Italy prepare themselves for decline

Renee Pratt, Assistant Professor of Business Administration: Fulbright Fellowship to study health information systems in Germany

Joshua Fairfield, Associate Professor of Law: Fulbright Fellowship to study internet governance in Germany