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Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University
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Our Services

Funding Opportunity Research

  • Identifying and publicizing external funding opportunities
  • Navigating through the variety of opportunities most relevant to faculty projects
  • Targeting potential grant opportunities which can be applied for in a timely manner
  • Match faculty needs with funding agencies
  • Identifying priorities of the grantor

Proposal Development, Writing, and Submitting

  • Make recommendations on proposal drafts
  • Help with organization of a proposal
  • Ensure proposal is written in grant language
  • Submit electronic federal proposals - NSF - Fastlane
  • Submit program proposals to foundations and other funding agencies

Budget Assistance and Grant Management

  • Create realistic budget estimates
  • Offer data to compute indirect costs for federal submissions
  • Advise on reporting to funding agencies
  • Set up accounts for successful grants for distribution of funds

Providing Current Institutional Information

  • Offer current university data on faculty, student, and other relevant information (program support)
  • Update on accomplishments and developments at W&L