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Washington and Lee University
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Anitesh Lal

Class of 2011, Fiji

I am Anitesh and my nationality is Fijian. I have been here for two years and I have had a wonderful time so far. I think that W&L is a suitable place for me because I am from a small place and since W&L is also a small college, it makes me feel really comfortable. Also I really enjoy working here with the professors who really treat you with respect and are prepared to listen to you when you have something to say. We, as international students also have opportunities to work here on campus during the school year and also during the summer we can work here as R. E. Lee Scholars which I recommend for anyone. These would not have been possible if we were in our home countries. One of the most memorable experiences that I remember is when I went to the University of Virginia to play in a table tennis tournament with two international students from China and Thailand. Another facility that is available to us is the Stackhouse Theatre which shows quite recent movies and I am a big fan of this. Something that I would like to share with my colleagues is that it is not important to have a lot of friends to have a good social life but just have a few special friends and you would be just fine. So invest in that!