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Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University
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Rachel Mourao

Gunn Scholar 2008-2009, Brazil

Washington And Lee University allowed me to have classes with the best professors and expand my areas of knowledge in unimaginable ways. I am a journalism student from Brazil with interests in Global Politics and International Development, and I found the perfect environment to develop all my capabilities at Washington And Lee University. Through hard work in class, extracurricular activities and great opportunities, my experience at Washington And Lee University made me grow as a student and as a human being. During this year, I had journalism ethics classes with a Knight professor; television news classes with an Emmy award winner; Economics classes and Politics classes - my favorites - with brilliant professors and smart classmates. I joined the Shepherd Poverty Program and spent the week-long February break doing community service in Alabama. The school also allowed me to write a Senior Capstone paper, which I presented at the Science, Society and Arts Conference last Spring. At Washington And Lee, I have met high-qualified professors that became friends; and smart classmates that became family during my stay in the United States.