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Washington and Lee University
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Raisa Castedo Velasco

Class of 2012, Bolivia

I must say that it was a bit hard to adjust to W&L's life coming from an UWC (United World College). However, professors helped me all the way through. I'm a Chemistry-Engineering major; nevertheless I have taken classes like philosophy, politics, English and French literature and I have absolutely loved them. Professors are really passionate for what they teach and they are always available after class for extra discussion or for helping students. Moreover, I love the work-study program. It allows me to study and at the same time work for money that I can later spend on books or other expenses. Also, I must mention the R.E.Lee Research Program, which has allowed me to participate in a research project for the summer 2009 in the Physics Department. I work hand in hand with Professor Mazilu in our lab and other two students. It has been a really good experience.