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Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University
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Morten Wendelbo

Class of 2012, Denmark

Washington and Lee offers opportunities - that's the sole reason I'm here! The professors here have a genuine wish to get to know you, and that's beneficial both in personal and academic life. As an international student, you also don't disappear in the crowd - W&L has enough international students that it takes very good care of us, but few enough that as an international student, you're still fairly unique. W&L is very generous, and the opportunities on campus are wide. In my first year, I have travelled to Africa, to Florida and to Louisiana, all three as part of school projects and courses.

The Shepherd program makes W&L stand out in a crowd of small liberal arts colleges - more than it does already. I have come to love this program, which adds a different perspective on life. Studying poverty from a school like W&L might seem odd to some, but it transforms the way you see people around you.