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Science of Cooking


CHEM 155
4 weeks in Siena
4 credits
Professor Marcia France

This is a non-majors science course that satisfies GE5C and FDR SC. Course material includes an introduction to the structure of molecules as well as their inter- and intra-molecular interactions, with an emphasis on those species of importance to food and cooking. Additional science topics include cell structure of plants and meats and methods of heat transfer. Chemical reactivity as it relates to cooking, fermentation, food preservation, and spoilage will also be discussed.

The course will consist of daily lectures in the morning and twelve afternoon cooking lessons at a nearby cooking school. (Students get to eat what they cook.) Field trips will include a winery, a cheese production facility, a pastry and cookie factory, a gelateria, and a pasta manufacturer. Students will have access to library and computer facilities as well as internet access at IES Siena. Accommodations will be in shared apartments with kitchens.

PROGRAM FEE: (Paid to W&L) $3,000 includes room, some meals, cooking lessons, field trips, mandatory supplementary health and medical emergency evacuation insurance.

Additional costs: International airfare (est. $800); other meals (est. $500); rental or purchase of required cell phone (est. $30-$100) not including usage fees; personal spending money.

For further information contact Professor France.