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Set Up an Authorized Payer

How a Student Can Set Up an Authorized Payer

• Login to the W&L GPS website via WebAdvisor select "Authorize Payer" on the navigation bar.

• Follow the online instructions to create a user name and temporary password for each authorized payer. (The temporary password must be changed by the authorized payer when he or she first logs in to the site.)

• Authorized payers will receive an automated email notification with the login name informing them that they have been authorized. The student will provide the temporary password to the authorized payer.  Emails are sent from

• Each billing cycle, both the student and authorized payers will receive an email notifying them that the eBill is available on GPS. Students and Authorized payers receive a link in their email that takes them directly to the GPS login page. Students can also access the GPS website via WebAdvisor.

• Students have the ability to cancel authorized payers access at any time by logging in to their GPS account and deactivating the authorized payer's login ID.