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Automated Billing and Payment Processing

How Automated Billing and Payment Processing Works

• An email announcing that the bill is ready to be viewed/paid online will be sent to the official student email address and any authorized payer's email address with a link to the GPS website.  Emails are sent from

• Students will access the GPS website through WebAdvisor.

• Once on the GPS website, students may set up a parent, spouse, partner or others as Authorized Payers, who will then have access to view the statement and make online payments (see section on Authorized Payers).

• If you are an Authorized Payer, the link will take you directly to the GPS website, where you can securely login by typing the user name and password provided to you by the W&L student who set you up as an Authorized Payer.

• Once logged in, you will be on the "Message Board" of the GPS website. Important tuition and fee information from W&L will be posted to this page, so please check it regularly.

• Select "View Accounts" to see the current student billing statement.

• To make payments, select "Make Payment."

• To print the bill, select the PDF icon on the "View Accounts" screen. This copy can be used for record keeping, or for mailing payments to The Washington and Lee University (address is on the PDF statement). You can also print any screen by selecting the print icon on your browser toolbar.

• Other functions include the ability to view up to 16 months of statements (select "Statement History" from the drop-down menu on the "View Accounts" screen), and the ability to view a history of online payments.