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Equipment and Hardware

TMC Hardware | Equipment for Checkout

TMC Hardware

TMC maintains 35 Windows ®7 Enterprise based PCs in three separate teaching areas within the facility. All PCs are equipped with Intel ® Core (TM) i7 processors, 240 GB hard disk space, and DVD & DVD-RW drives.

The Macintosh teaching area consists of two Mac Mini computers functioning on the latest MAC X operating systems, featuring Mountain Lion with Bluetooth wireless capabilities, and ethernet network and internet connections. There are two additional Mac Minis in the TMC Work Center. All Macs have external DVD burners using Toast for burning.

The Work Center is outfitted with one image scanners: the EPSON® Perfection ® 4490 scanner connected to PC1. All computers in the Work Center are equipped with CD/DVD-RW drives. Finally, the work center features a Panasonic® Region 1 DVD burner, a Panasonic ® Multi-Standard VCR player, and a Pioneer ® Multi-Standard DVD player.

The Student Group Work Area is outfitted with two PCs and one Macintosh computer.

**Possible copyright violations must seriously be considered before writing any media using the CD/DVD burners or other equipment in the TMC.**


Equipment for Checkout

Mini Digital Voice Recorders
The TMC's new fleet of mini digital voice recorders are fantastic for any language project or language learning activity. Record conversations, meetings, and even brainstorming sessions with ease. These recorders have hours and hours of space, so just hit record, let it run, and forget about it. Once the job is done, you can easily transfer the recorded file to a computer for tweaking or to save it forever. Having trouble with pronunciation? Record correctly pronounced segments and use the files as a guide. They are small and sleek; great for on the go.

Portable Stereos
This portable stereo plays CDs as well as tapes, and of course you can pick up your favorite radio station. They are great in classrooms for music or model dialogues. Furthermore, they are small and can be carried around if you have six C batteries.

Digital Cameras
We have quite a collection of digital cameras, ranging from still shots to camcorders. We have two still shot digital cameras and five HD digital camcorders (with capability of still shot). In addition, we have a number of tripods for a still, professional look to your videos/pictures. Once the footage is complete, file transfer is quick and easy to our PCs or Macintosh computers. There you can edit, add effects, soundtracks, text, and the like to your video project. As a final touch, we can burn your finished project onto a DVD compatible with any DVD player. TMC Assistants are qualified to help you with every step of the way.

NOTE: Cameras cannot be checked out overnight. Cameras that are not returned after the 12 hour time limit will incur a late fee of $10/hour.

Mini Digital Voice Recorder Portable Stereo


Panasonic HD Camcorders

Sony Webbies
Sony Webbies

Polaroid Still

Polaroid Still

Canon Still